ExtremeSwitching (EXOS)

  • 1.  RSTP sample config?

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:04
    Create Date: Aug 3 2013 1:48AM

    I'm having intermittent problems with my RSTP dot1w config.
    My setup looks like this:

    || ||

    A, B = Single X460 each, no RSTP (I'm not allowed to configure RSTP on these)
    C, D = Stacks of two X440-24t each (RSTP configured on all LAG ports)
    Links between A/C, B/D and C/D are 2xGigE LAG
    Link between A/B is a GigE Ring (EAPS)

    The problem: Sometimes, there is no connectivity between C and D on a given VLAN, unless I remove RSTP on the ports C to D and D to C.

    I suspect my configuration to be at fault. Could someone post a sample RSTP configuration for two VLANs for me?

    Chris (from Chris_Burri)