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  • 1.  Access Extreme network from Cisco

    Posted 09-10-2018 06:38

    At a client we have one Extreme x670_G2 switch running with 3 VLAN's.
    vlan1 -
    vlan2 -
    Transit -

    Only vlan1 has devices connected (currently), including one server -

    I want to access the devices inside vlan1 from the Cisco network of our client. I have no access to the current Cisco configuration.

    The current setup is as follows to connect the 2 networks:
    Both Extreme and Cisco have the Transit vlan (same tag).
    Extreme has
    Cisco has

    On the Extreme ipforwarding is enabled on all VLAN's & there is a default route configured to

    The current situation:
    From the Cisco network I am able to connect to my Extreme switch via Telnet/SSH, on the Transit VLAN. From this vlan I can ping to vlan1 and I can ping to my server.

    However, I am not able to connect directly to vlan1 from the Cisco network. I cannot ping vlan1, I cannot ping the server inside vlan1, I cannot RDP to the Server.

    Do I need to create additional routes to facilitate the connection to my other vlans?

    A few relevant configuration lines from my config:
    create vlan "Transit"
    create vlan "vlan1"
    configure vlan Transit tag 17 configure vlan Transit add ports 47-48 untagged configure vlan Transit ipaddress configure vlan vlan1 ipaddress enable ipforwarding configure iproute add default[/code]

  • 2.  RE: Access Extreme network from Cisco

    Posted 09-10-2018 08:11
    You need to add a static route on the Cisco. via

  • 3.  RE: Access Extreme network from Cisco

    Posted 09-10-2018 08:20
    Agreed. You can ssh as the address of the mgmt ip is local to the Cisco. The other network is not, it's behind the extreme routed interface.