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  • 1.  Virtual EXOS Switches limited to 100 Mbps?

    Posted 03-21-2019 21:26
    Hi all,

    Completely understand the Virtual Exos images are non-production, but trying to get an understanding of why the ports are limited to 100 Mbps?
    Unfortunately you cannot turn speed auto off, and try 1000. Even though the documentation says using the E1000 network adapters for an ESXI install its a little perplexing.

    Is it some driver issue that could not be worked around / was not worth the investment?

    I did have a little nose around the image file on github and could see the ports are defaulted to 10/100:
    portType: HAL_PIF_10_100
    portMediaType: HAL_PORT_MED_UTP
    Poe: true

    But no clue whether this would set the limit, or is purely just the default / or whether they could be changed to some other value? Unfortunately do not have a real image for lets say a x460 to compare the file against.

    Will continue to tinker, but if anyone can share some light that would be great.


  • 2.  RE: Virtual EXOS Switches limited to 100 Mbps?

    Posted 03-26-2019 18:13
    I would think that it's on the EXOS VM driver side to hard code them to 100. Is there a reason why you would want 1G links for the VM? I'm just curious.

    I will ask to see if I can get a better answer.

  • 3.  RE: Virtual EXOS Switches limited to 100 Mbps?

    Posted 03-26-2019 19:06
    Thanks Stephen.

    It's certainly not a deal breaker for sure, as its a great little virtual appliance (or 5 in my case). For work I find myself needing to lab alot which involves ARP, MAC Tables, SPAN / Monitoring traffic etc.. so I utilise the virtual switches like a real infrastructure, and created a full virtual network so virtual firewalls, core switch, edge switches, servers / clients etc.. etc.. a network in a box.

    Sometimes I need to push a lot of traffic, sometimes I just wish copying a file through was quicker. So it's more a nice to have especially since all the virtual appliances I run operate at 1gbps.

    Got to say, love the fact Extreme have a free virtual switch. Much kudos to you all.