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CFM between Extreme Networks XOS switches and Ciena switches

  • 1.  CFM between Extreme Networks XOS switches and Ciena switches

    Posted 05-24-2018 18:34

    I though I would share my experience with trying to get a Extreme Networks switch and a Ciena switch to exchange CFM messages and be able to do delay and frame loss measurements. I am still having issues with the frame-loss testing, but delay works very well in both directions. If you see or know why my frame-loss measurements are not working correctly, kindly let me know.

    When you setup CFM on a Ciena switch, the maintenance domain is automatically named based on the md level you choose. With that in mind, you have to make sure that you name the maintenance domain the same on the Extreme Networks side. The service name in Ciena becomes the maintenance association name on Extreme. Also, on Extreme you will need to disabled IGMP snooping on the port you plan to put the maintenance end point on.

    Here some snippets of the configs to show you how to create the MD, MA and MEP.
    cfm enable
    cfm set vs-automatic-meps off
    cfm service create vlan 3861 name cfm3861 md md4
    cfm service enable service cfm3861
    cfm mep create service cfm3861 port 6 type down mepid 11

    Port 6 is a trunk port with a vlan with a tag of 3861 associated to it. Your vlan id might differ, as well as your port. The above creates a CFM maintenance domain and an association and a Maintenance End Point (MEP).

    Now below, the same is done on Extreme.

    create cfm domain string "md4" md-level 4
    configure cfm domain "md4" add association string "cfm3861" vlan "vlan_cfmtest_3861"
    configure cfm domain "md4" association "cfm3861" ports 45 add end-point down 10

    At this point, give it a few seconds and Ciena and Extreme should "see" each other. You can check on Ciena via "cfm remote-mep show" and on Extreme with "show cfm detail".
    To test from the Ciena MEP to the Extreme MEP, you simply send frame-loss and frame-delay packets specifying the MEP id's used (in this example 10 for Extreme and 11 for Ciena):
    cfm delay send service cfm3861 local-mepid 11 mepid 10 count 5
    cfm delay show

    cfm frame-loss send service cfm3861 local-mepid 11 mepid 10 count 5
    cfm frame-loss show

    On the Extreme switch, to measure from Extreme to Ciena, you first need to create a cfm segment and use the mac address you see in the "show cfm detail" command of the remote MEP as your destination:

    create cfm segment "test" destination 9c:7a:03:b7:b2:07
    configure cfm segment "test" add domain "md4" association "cfm3861"
    configure cfm segment "test" add mep 10

    Once this is setup, you can test from the Extreme switch with these commands:

    enable cfm segment frame-delay measurement "test" mep 10 count 5
    show cfm segment frame-delay
    show cfm segment frame-delay statistics

    en cfm segment frame-loss measurement "test" mep 10 count 5
    show cfm segment frame-loss
    show cfm segment frame-loss statistics

    I hope this helps somebody down the road.