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  • 1.  MAC FILTER X450e

    Posted 02-13-2016 17:54
    Hello everydoby,

    Actually, I have the Extreme x450e in my local network.

    I want to put the mac address filter system for limit the number of machines to connet in my LAN.

    After several research, I realize that some functionalities are absent.
    Specially, the "MAC lockdown" command .

    So I suppose that I don't have the recent version of the firmware.
    Actually, I have the version .

    So, if you suppose that i have a old firmawre, can you tell me the last version of the OS please ?

    Advance thanks,

    Ragavan Sriram

  • 2.  RE: MAC FILTER X450e

    Posted 02-13-2016 19:04

    The X450 series switches are supported till the latest and current patch release of v15.3.5.2-patch1-9. This would be the recommended version.

    MAC Address Lockdown can be achieved using the command:

    configure ports vlan

  • 3.  RE: MAC FILTER X450e

    Posted 02-13-2016 19:51
    Hello Taykin Izzet,

    Thank you for reply.

    I will update my OS first, and I try your command.

    See you soon.

  • 4.  RE: MAC FILTER X450e

    Posted 02-15-2016 18:28
    Hi Taykin Izzet, I'm back :)

    In fact, when i use the action of your command, I just have blackhole and stop-learning.

    Other thing, when I fix limit-learning 1 in a port, the switch don't block the second machine.

    It's very strange, do you have any idea ?

    Advance thanks,

  • 5.  RE: MAC FILTER X450e

    Posted 02-18-2016 13:30

    Please try clearing the fdb entry on that port and test again.

    clear fdb ports

    The following are some examples:

    First example, configures limit learning on ports 1 through 10 and 22 through 23 on the default VLAN. The port will learn two MAC addresses before the port is blackholed.

    # configure port 1-10, 22-23 vlan "Default" limit-learning 2 action blackhole

    This second example, configures limit learning on slot 1, port 1 through 10, and slot 2, ports 22 and 25. The port will learn 1 MAC address before its stops learning.

    # configure port 1:1-1:10, 2:22,2:25 vlan "default" limit-learning 1 action stop-learning