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    Posted 02-10-2014 20:05
    I tried to configure an ip addres with a /31 netmask on a XOS device (X460, sw version But for both ip addresses i tried to configure I got the error message, that these are broadcast addresses. From my point of view both ip addresses in a /31 net are host addresses. I can configure this on Cisco and Juniper. So why is it not possible on Extreme?

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    Posted 02-11-2014 19:26
    Hello mose67

    As of right now we do not support /31 rfc 3021 in XOS. I am checking with PLM to see if it is on the roadmap and will let you know when I hear back from them


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    Posted 02-13-2014 14:14
    hello Mose67

    It looks like it is in the roadmap to be in XOS. Tentatively in the 16.1.1 code. Note future product feature set is subject to changes.


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    Posted 02-27-2014 21:30

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    Posted 02-27-2014 21:33
    Welcome you should expect 16.1 to be in late spring early Summer but please note that things can change so contact your local sales teams for more up to date information as 16.1 comes out.


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    Posted 02-27-2014 21:38
    Thanks Paul!