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  • 1.  i cant understand vlan configuration

    Posted 07-23-2017 03:42

    the previous network engineer has configure the network and i am trying to understand the configuration

    create vlan "data_managment"
    configure vlan data_managment tag 1702
    create vlan "KKK"
    configure vlan KKK tag 771
    create vlan "test"
    configure vlan test tag 777
    create vlan "voice"
    configure vlan voice tag 10

    configure vlan data_managment add ports 46-50 tagged
    configure vlan KKK add ports 49-50 tagged
    configure vlan test add ports 1-50 untagged
    configure vlan voice add ports 1-50 tagged

    configure vlan data_managment ipaddress
    configure vlan test ipaddress
    configure vlan KKK ipaddress
    configure vlan voice ipaddress

    ports 49 and 50 are connected to the core switch

    i am new in extreme switch so i want to ask

    first is it must to have ports untagged if they are connected to pc or telephone

    second how does the switch distinguish the vlan suppose we connect a pc to port 1

    how the switch will know its kkk or voice or test

    if i connect a pc it will get ip and if i connect a telephone it will get

  • 2.  RE: i cant understand vlan configuration

    Posted 07-24-2017 11:31
    Hello dfsfsdf dfsdfsdfsdf,

    Most PCs and some other types of devices send traffic untagged only. Considering you can only have one VLAN that is untagged on a port the switch will automatically place this traffic in the untagged VLAN.

    The phone will act as a switch and take the PC traffic and forward it as untagged and then send it's own traffic as tagged. In order to tell the switch this is happening usually there is a protocol like LLDP to communicate with the phone.

    Here is an article that explains tagging a little better:


    Hope this helps!

  • 3.  RE: i cant understand vlan configuration

    Posted 07-24-2017 22:01
    Hello dfsfsdf dfsdfsdfsdf,

    There is another discussion which you could reference from our community.

    What is the difference between an untagged port and a tagged port?

    Best regards,