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    Posted 01-07-2014 22:02
    Create Date: May 9 2013 12:37PM

    I hereby request this module ssh regarding the firmware version switch Extreme XOS x440-24t, i tried the same in esupport not found. I have enough equipment installed remotely and need to enable the ssh server at all.
    Example output one:

    # show switch

    **** hidden output ****

    Current State: OPERATIONAL
    Image Selected: primary
    Image Booted: primary
    Primary ver:
    Secondary ver:

    I could update the firmware (to some that I have the module ssh) installing secondary memory, setting the same priority for the boot and perform a reboot. But it is not an option because restarting the equipment is in production and is critical.

    The modules that currently have are: but can not find any way.

    If anyone has or knows where it has and can provide would be very grateful.
    (from Bruno_Correia)

  • 2.  RE: Module SSH

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:02
    Create Date: May 10 2013 6:25AM

    schedule a reboot???

    if there is no in built function for scheduling a reboot (Feature request!)

    then use something like this

    (from conrad_jones)

  • 3.  RE: Module SSH

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:02
    Create Date: May 11 2013 3:37PM

    I do not understand what you mean by "schedule a reboot."

    I have access to the switch by telnet at the time. Only he did not want to be using telnet, all other switches in my network already installed the module and have disabled SSH telnet. There are only those who have the firmware version because it found the corresponding SSH module. (from Bruno_Correia)

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    Posted 01-07-2014 22:02
    Create Date: May 11 2013 4:49PM

    You said you can't reboot the switches because they are in use.

    Are they in use 24 hours a day? 7 Days a week? 365 Days of the year?

    Can you reboot them at 1:00am on sunday morning? if so then they can be rebooted by logging into them with telnet and issuing the reboot command, which could be automated to happen at a specific time using something like the tool i linked.

    if you really have zero maintenance time ever, than I think you have bigger problems than not having ssh on your xos switches. (from conrad_jones)

  • 5.  RE: Module SSH

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:02
    Create Date: May 12 2013 10:44PM

    Yes it can be restarted at some point, but we avoid as much as possible because the SLA because it is a provider and in some of them there is no redundancy. I came here to ask because I thought it highly unlikely the manufacturer provide the module only for some versions of firmware, then I thought that someone might have not met.

    But since no one commented on the extreme whether or not the module for the specific version of firmware I mentioned, I will have to opt for the "method" firmware update.

    Thanks for the suggestion scheduling really use it for other things, such as, let's make some configuration that may impact on an outage, we usually do a reboot before scheduling just in the questions. The sector is responsible for 24x7 then probably the method adopted will be "in hand" even.

    Thanks and until next time!

    * Apologies for the excessive repetition of "I", I'm using Google Translator (from Bruno_Correia)

  • 6.  RE: Module SSH

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:02
    Create Date: May 13 2013 6:22AM

    have you tried TAC ?

    it may be worth waiting a day or two as no extreme people seem to have posted on here for at least few days. (from conrad_jones)

  • 7.  RE: Module SSH

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:02
    Create Date: May 13 2013 1:34PM

    I had not asked along the lines of having the guidance of TAC.

    Sent the email again the model described in the TAC. Now just wait ...

    thank you

    * EDIT *

    Received the return, the firmware is a BETA version and is not supported.

    The guidance is to update the firmware.
    Just do not understand why beta pass to their customers. (from Bruno_Correia)

  • 8.  RE: Module SSH

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:02
    Create Date: May 22 2013 3:57PM

    The earliest units of some switch models come off the production line with a beta version of XOS, written to enable them to boot and function, but the intent is that by the time customers receive the switches there will be a full production version of code available. The first X440 switches I received, for example, had beta code, but by the time I had them in my hands there was a non-beta XOS available to install on them before I installed them in production. This is not uncommon among switch manufacturers, in my experience.

    We have a lot of X440 units in production now, and I'd highly recommend the latest XOS patch - It contains several fixes specific to the X440. You can install the patch and SSH module at any time, and schedule a reboot during a maintenance window via the "reboot time ..." command. You can enable the SSH service once booted into the new version.

    Hope this helps! (from Ansley_Barnes)

  • 9.  RE: Module SSH

    Posted 01-07-2014 22:02
    Create Date: May 22 2013 8:01PM

    yes mine came with beta code, i upped all switches to the latest version before production so they were consistent across all switches, (from Conrad_Jones)