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firmware issue

  • 1.  firmware issue

    Posted 08-18-2018 10:02
    my switch have firmware issue,any one can share the firmware EXOS patch 1-8 version.my switch is exos 670

  • 2.  RE: firmware issue

  • 3.  RE: firmware issue

    Posted 08-18-2018 16:54
    our switch waranty is expired.if anyone have the correct file then please send to me.

  • 4.  RE: firmware issue

    Posted 08-18-2018 17:35
    As mentioned here...

    You can contact GTAC and they can offer you an option for a paid software download.
    How to contact the GTAC

  • 5.  RE: firmware issue

    Posted 08-19-2018 17:30
    Please don't ask for someone to share pirated software with you. I'm closing this thread.