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choose the right product

  • 1.  choose the right product

    Posted 04-27-2018 15:16
    hello, i want to know if there is a tool to choose the right model of Access Point for my building, and what are the most important differences between Wing and Wing Express.

  • 2.  RE: choose the right product

    Posted 04-27-2018 15:49
    Hello Luis,

    You will be able to find information about various Wireless and WiNG Access Points here - https://www.extremenetworks.com/products/wireless/

    You can click on each product name to get to know more about it's features, use, and functionality.

    For information particular to the Wireless WiNG APs and Express model, refer to this link - https://www.extremenetworks.com/extremewireless-wing/

    Hope you find the information you are looking for!


  • 3.  RE: choose the right product

    Posted 04-27-2018 16:45
    i would like to know the most important difference between Wing and Wing Express, and if it is compatible to have a hybrid enviroment.