Data Center (VDX)

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  • 1.  vdx 6740 - ACL or what?

    Posted 01-29-2019 13:18
    hi gents

    I have a vlanAA with an interface IP, say, which is an uplink to the "outside"
    I have more vlans in my logical chassis.

    I'm looking for recommendation, suggestion on how to best:
    a) protect(deny) from/against the outside, or anybody for that mater, except for maybe allowing a MAC/IP - that would be ACLs, right?
    b) protect(deny) traffic from/via vlanAA(or any traffic sourcing from vlanAA) to any other vlans/ports in my logical chassis - does it have to be ACLs?

    I'd appreciate very much a rough programmatic sketch on how should you get it done.
    Many thanks.