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  • 1.  x450 xOS16.1.3.6 CLI CPU Load

    Posted 06-19-2017 14:51
    Hello everyone,

    First questing on this community as I've searched for a while and couldn't really find an answer.

    I manage a set of x450 switches which are all running xOS16.1.3.6.

    Sadly we don't have TFTP or ssh/sftp insfrastruture to be able to copy the primary.cf config file so the current backup solution is made with bash+expect sending sh conf detail.

    Recently I've found out that from time to time a traps is sent refering to High CPU usage from the CLI process which is always right after the command is sent.

    A few prints:
    06/08/2017 13:17:29.14

  • 2.  RE: x450 xOS16.1.3.6 CLI CPU Load

    Posted 06-19-2017 15:42
    Yes and Yes. Remember most of what your switches are doing is in hardware so CPU spikes only affect processes that may be dependent on the cpu. We have a partner that uses Rancid and captures configs by doing not only a show config but a show config detail. Doing that double command to display configuration and detail configuration always sets off CPU traps. With that being said we have at least got them to run those backups during off hours when traffic patterns and usage is at a minimal. Only you will know whither having high cpu usage is affecting your service delivery through the switches. It all will depend on your specific usage and the timing of the spikes.

  • 3.  RE: x450 xOS16.1.3.6 CLI CPU Load

    Posted 06-19-2017 16:27
    Hi EtherMAN, Thank you for your reply. In the above this has happened during day as I was trying replicate the 'issue'. I have weekly backups running each Monday at 6am whereas the traffic is quite low at that time, anyway what sort of prints/commands would you advise to send to the switch to confirm no service outage/impact is present at the time of the 'backup'? Worth mention that the switch is purely doing L2/L3 switching, no mpls is enabled and only one VR with 8 vlans with an 'external' port connected to a Cisco ASR9k which does all the mpls stuff across the network. Regards, Hugo