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Question about Cisco - Enterasys integration WLAN

  • 1.  Question about Cisco - Enterasys integration WLAN

    Posted 01-22-2015 18:39
    We have a complete new enterasys infrastructure with some older Cisco devices.

    How do i have to config a cisco switch port to work together with a enterasys AP ?

    Our Management VLAN for the Wireless AP´s is VLAN 99 and all the Client Access VLAN´s with different kinds of Authentification are the VLAN 100- 105

    On a enterasys switch i configure the port for an Access Point with

    Untagged VLAN 99 and tagged VLAN 100 / tagged VLAN 101 ......

    But on the Cisco Switch there i know only a port working

    as a access port with a VLAN or
    as a trunk port with different trunks to let pass VLAN 1- 20 or VLAN 1-100 ....

    How to configure a cisco Port :

    that it will tag the traffic with vlan 99 if traffic come from the AP Managment untagged ..
    and let the traffic pass that will come already tagged with VLAN 101 ..from the Wireless clients via the AP SSID

    Is this ever possible to do this with a cisco switch port ??



  • 2.  RE: Question about Cisco - Enterasys integration WLAN

    Posted 01-22-2015 19:56
    Hi Christian,

    in this case you have to configure a trunk port with a native vlan.


    conf t
    interface gig 1/1
    switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
    switchport mode trunk
    switchport trunk native vlan 99
    switchport trunk allowed vlan 100-105

    Keep in mind: CIsco does not support Authentication (MAC or 802.1X) on a trunk port!

    Best Regards