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Flapping circuits.

  • 1.  Flapping circuits.

    Posted 06-20-2017 15:44
    Hello, I am trying to Turn the ports but before I check the A-side and Z-side circuits and both circuits are flapping every hour. So I instruct DCO guys to clean the fibers on both side, but still the circuits are flapping continuously. So could be done for this issue?? And yeah I am using Juniper routers. Thank so much in advance.

  • 2.  RE: Flapping circuits.

    Posted 06-20-2017 16:53
    Hello Arpan,

    So there are two sites with juniper routers connected to extreme switches and the ports are going up and down? Can you show us how you are determining the link is flapping? Logs?

    Also, what is the model and version of this switch?

  • 3.  RE: Flapping circuits.

    Posted 06-20-2017 16:56

    This article from our Knowledge Base contains some useful troubleshooting steps for resolving port flapping issues too: