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  • 1.  Rx CRC and Rx Jabber

    Posted 02-21-2017 10:01

    We're experiencing infrequent CRC/Jabber errors on a particular interface between 2 670v-48x switches. Switches are running code version patch 1-18 at the moment. They run our iSCSI network.

    Both ports connected together, 49-49 on each switch experience the errors, connected via pre terminated copper cable, Q+CR4_3m.

    I have checked that the cable is not in the vicinity of electrical cables to try to rule out interference.

    Would it simply be a bad cable/module on the cable that causes this? We've had to change this before so I'm concerned it may be the slot(s) in the switch(es) itself?

    Any thoughts welcome :)


  • 2.  RE: Rx CRC and Rx Jabber

    Posted 02-21-2017 10:13
    Hi Ian, I would suggest the first and easy step is to swap the DAC cable and see if the RX-errors are changes to the other end.

  • 3.  RE: Rx CRC and Rx Jabber

    Posted 03-03-2017 19:42
    Hello Ian, are you still having trouble with CRC errors?

  • 4.  RE: Rx CRC and Rx Jabber

    Posted 05-21-2018 09:33
    I have a similar issue. Can someone give a hint on resolution.

  • 5.  RE: Rx CRC and Rx Jabber

    Posted 05-22-2018 01:56
    Rx Jabber can increment under the following situations -
    * packet data length exceeds configured MTU (1518 for non-jumbo and 9018 for jumbo) and/or
    * has a bad CRC.

    Most likely, it will be a Layer 1 related problem and as a first step as Karthik suggested, it would be best to replace the cable.