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  • 1.  AP3865e - antenna question

    Posted 11-24-2015 08:32

    what is the difference between the WS-AO-DS02360N3 and the WS-AO-2DIPN3 & WS-AO-5DIPN3.... beside it cost 3x more.

    The antenna is dualband so I'd use them on all 6 connectors but I don't see another reason beside that - anyone could give me a reason why I should use that instead of the WS-AO-2DIPN3 & WS-AO-5DIPN3 baton antennas.

    Also the description is slightly confusing...
    "Outdoor, 2.4-2.5/5.15-5.875, 2dBi, omni baton with standard N-type plug connector (3 pack - not supported on outdoor 11n APs)"

    A outdoor antenna that is not supported on an outdoor AP - I assume it's not supported on the AP36xx/AP37xx outdoor APs - correct ?
    Because the 2.4GHz band on the AP3865e is also "only" 802.11n so the desription is missleading.


  • 2.  RE: AP3865e - antenna question

    Posted 11-24-2015 19:53

    The WS-AO-DS02360N3 omni antenna are stubby (short) and dual band meaning they can be used on either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band connectors of the AP making it somewhat easier to install. They also only have 2dbi gain. Two of this part number are needed per AP.

    The WS-AO-2DIPN3 & WS-AO-5DIPN3 are full size omni antenna each dedicated to the proper band so must be installed correctly on the respective AP connectors. The gain for these omni antenna are 5dbi and 6dbi respectively. One each of these part numbers are needed per AP.


  • 3.  RE: AP3865e - antenna question

    Posted 11-24-2015 20:17
    Forgot to mention that the stubby antenna is mainly for those applications where appearance is more important and sacrificing a little bit of gain is not an issue. The note is really stating that these antenna should only be used for the AP's for which they have been tested and certified.

  • 4.  RE: AP3865e - antenna question

    Posted 11-24-2015 22:28

    Regarding the "not supported on outdoor 11n APs" part, the AP3765e/AP3767e uses Reverse Polarity SMA connectors that require a different antenna (WS-AO-DS05360), while the AP3865e (which is an outdoor 11ac AP, although it includes support for 11n...) uses standard N-type connectors.

    I agree that it would have been better to refer to "AP3765e/AP3767e" instead of "11n APs"...

  • 5.  RE: AP3865e - antenna question

    Posted 09-18-2016 19:09

    Can we use these antennas WS-AO-2DIPN3 & WS-AO-5DIPN3 also in ws-AP3965e.

    Best Regards