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  • 1.  EWC5210 Log Messages

    Posted 11-10-2015 20:13
    This is on Enterasys Controller C5210
    What do these 2 log messages mean? Is there a book with an explanation of what each log means?

    11/10/15 14:59:39MinorConfig ManagerConfig Manager has failed to process a request. Config Manager is still running, and system functionality is not impaired. Error Details: Configuration has been resent the maximum number times, but no acknowledge has been received. Releasing AP[12161700235W0000]

    11/10/15 14:54:21MajorStartup ManagerComponent [Event Server] is down. Component will be restarted.

  • 2.  RE: EWC5210 Log Messages

    Posted 11-11-2015 14:16
    We would need to review the full controller logs leading up to these messages, I would suggest contacting the GTAC for a full review of the system. The AP message is stating a config was sent to the ap multiple times but it did not acknowledge the packet was received.