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  • 1.  IdentiFi Radar licensing

    Posted 10-09-2015 03:36
    Do Guardian APs require a full AP license as well as the radar license? I can see why In-Service Scan APs would. I've been converting some old 3710s (which have been replaced by 3825s) to Guardians, but now the controller is saying I've exceeded the number of approved APs permitted by the license.

    The manual isn't very clear, the Radar License Requirements section says:
    Radar functionality is controlled by capacity licenses installed on the controller and activated as an option key (for more information on the Option Key, see Applying Product License Keys). Radar capacity licenses are only required for In-Service and Guardian scan profiles. Any AP assigned to an In-Service scan profile counts as 1 against the licensed Radar capacity
    And AP Limitations:
    The maximum number of APs that can be licensed for Radar is twice the platform limit for local APs. Once the maximum number of APs is reached, no new licenses can be installed.
    Since the Radar limit is higher than the number of APs a controller can have, I thought they were unrelated. But since only one controller in a pair runs the radar engine that makes sense too.

  • 2.  RE: IdentiFi Radar licensing

    Posted 10-09-2015 05:52
    Hi. Yes any AP connected to the EWC does consume the AP license. Even if it does operate in guardian mode. Regards Zdenek