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  • 1.  AP3865e deploy issues, need advices

    Posted 06-17-2015 03:32

    We are deploying AP3865e with WS-AO-DX07180N antennas. I need some guidance about how to deploy antennas. I looked to H-Plane/E-Plane . Horizontal Beamwidth is easy to understand but vertical beamwidth is 40 degree. So What should I understand from this? We are planning to install them on top of building corners. The buildings has four floors and its about 15-16meters high. So with 40 degree V-beam, will it be too high for this antenna? Should we need to down tilt antennas or should we install them lower floor walls (this will be real pain)?

    Also in open area, what is the range for this AP/Antenna combination for reliable client connections?

    Any suggestions are most welcome.


  • 2.  RE: AP3865e deploy issues, need advices

    Posted 06-17-2015 08:46
    I think you are going to start pushing the limits at that height. It really depends on you endpoint devices. My environment we do not transmit more that 40 watts (25 is a target or less is our target for high density areas) to match handheld devices. It also depends on nearby obsticals/attenuation and density requirements. I have one location that is about 10 meters and yes... you will nees to tilt or point the antenna down some. Do you have an RF or connection speed requirements? We turn off lower connection speeds to help with roaming and management traffic overhead.

  • 3.  RE: AP3865e deploy issues, need advices

    Posted 06-17-2015 10:19
    @Roaming 24/7

    Well about speed, minimum 5-10 mbps download speeds will make clients pleased I think. So should I limit min rate to 12 mbps? With 12 mbps how far should be the range? Or are we too optimistic about 150-200 meters range in open area with 180 degree antenna?