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Wireless Issues Problems Continued - Progress?

  • 1.  Wireless Issues Problems Continued - Progress?

    Posted 12-20-2018 15:44
    Hello Everyone,

    Yesterday I found a fix to some of my wireless problems. I wondered if anyone else has experienced these problems and if you know of a permanent solution.

    Description of the problem. One of the APs I connect to in the office was giving me 500kb - 2mb throughput on the 5ghz network. Normally at 70 - 80mbps. Thats 20 Mhz channel, Channels are hard set, good signal strength all the proper settings, my aps are AP3825i, and latest firmware. Since we have had issues I randomly through out the week run an iPerf. Monday I was getting this terrible throughput on this one AP (500kb - 2mb). I determined that I could not even connect to the AP if the 2.4 ghz network was not on. So I rebooted the AP, powered the switch port tried everything I knew to fix it. Then we changed the channel to auto (ie it got a new channel). Cleared the problem right up. Later on Tuesday we ran into another AP with a different problem. Signal strength was super low even though we were directly under it. We did the same thing with the channel, set it to auto and it fixed the problem.

    So we are in an office scenario in this case there are only three other channels visible on Ekahau, none of them the same. Do you think this is channel interface? Or do you think there is something wrong with the radios on the APs?

    How can I stop this from happening? We have them on a Sunday maintenance cycle I am assuming they reboot then? Would rebooting them more often, with the channel select set to auto, fix this issue? Would setting all the APs to auto also help this issue? I believe these are the issues I have been having in the shop as well. I need professional input here.

    Thank you!