ExtremeWireless (Identifi)

  • 1.  IdentiFi Guest portal size

    Posted 12-04-2015 05:54
    Hi, all!

    Have few questions about Guest Portal:
    1. Is there possibility to do Guest Splash without "Accept" button? Just first redirect for some internal page with commercial information.
    2. Guest Splash is small (try with Win, iPhone, Android)
    Have like this:

    But want to see picture that configure in Captive Portal Editor, stretched to fill the screen, like this:

    3. Is there possibility to do redirect for some external page (Captive Portal) every some time?
    For example, user connect to my SSID and every 2 minutes he redirect to Captive portal or specific URL (to see commercial information).

    Thank you!

  • 2.  RE: IdentiFi Guest portal size

    Posted 12-04-2015 12:00
    We did a guest portal with the accept button. We have ours integrated with NAC. I guess you could technically expire the Auth every x minutes and force a reauth and then the redirect after the auth. We have major issues with devices authenticating the first time so I would be cautious if forcing clients to reauth that frequent.