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NAT multiple access points

  • 1.  NAT multiple access points

    Posted 08-31-2018 19:58
    Two to three WING access point wireless network, same RF Domain - need to have one access point provide NAT for wireless clients. I have this working but with the overload address set to the access point's outside (vlan 1) address, when a client roams to a different AP, there is no longer a mechanism on the 2nd AP to provide address translation. Is it possible to have an access point provide NAT in a multiple AP environment?

  • 2.  RE: NAT multiple access points

    Posted 08-31-2018 20:08
    For this to work, the APs ge1 ports need to be configured as 802.1Q with inside/outside VLANs allowed and the same configuration on L2 managed switch. The APs need to be able to communicate on both VLANs via the wire with this deployment. Otherwise, you will require an RFS/NX wireless controller to adopt the APs and then the WLANs can be configured for bridge-mode tunneled (WLAN bridge-mode tunnel not supported on virtual controller and/or stand-alone AP deployments.

  • 3.  RE: NAT multiple access points

    Posted 09-02-2018 23:57
    ..And the AP doing the NAT configured as the default gateway for the client VLAN.