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  • 1.  WInG RFS 7000 VSA Attributes

    Posted 02-17-2018 09:07
    Can anyone share the VSA attributes for RFS7000 Controller

    As we are planning for dynamic vlan assignment for wireless client based on their group with the help of AD & NPS Server.

    We have similar done this similar with aruba controller and working well

    Sharing the setup of aruba VSA for reference purpose :

    You can achieve this by using the Aruba VSAs above. For example, on NPS create a newtork policy for the "IT" group and assign VLAN XYZ.Policy Name - Wireless-IT-VLAN-Assignment

    Type of Network Access Server - Unspecified

    Conditions - add whatever you typically add; but make sure you have Windows Group matches IT

    Acesss Granted

    EAP Type - add whatever authentication types you use

    Constraints - NONE

    RADIUS Attributes

    • Click Vendor Specific; click Add
    • Choose Vendor Specific from the Vendor choice; click Add
    • Click to add attribute information
    • Select Vendor Code = 14823 and Yes it conforms, click Configure Attributes
    • Choose 2 as your assigned attribute number (for Aruba-User-VLAN in the above table)
    • Attribute format = integer (decimal for IAS/NPS)
    • Attribute value = XYZ (VLAN number)
    • Click OK to close out

    On your Server Group that has the NPS servers defined, add a server derived rule that will look for this attribute from NPS and then apply the VLAN. This will set the VLAN to whatever value is sent by NPS for Aruba-User-VLAN (or to NPS, Vendor 14823, attribvute 2).

  • 2.  RE: WInG RFS 7000 VSA Attributes

    Posted 02-19-2018 21:44

    Tunnel-Medium-Type: 802