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  • 1.  mesh point with WLAN on radio1

    Posted 09-03-2017 16:41
    Hello all,
    Our regulation is not allows using of 5Ghz outdoor.
    Sometimes we need to deploy outdoor AP's with mesh point and WLAN on 2.4Ghz only.
    But as we see is working not so stable as we need - meshpoint links refreshed every several hours even if there is excellent signal and signal quality/noise level.

    Please recommend some special recommendations for setting up mesh point with WLAN together on radio1.



  • 2.  RE: mesh point with WLAN on radio1

    Posted 09-06-2017 15:40
    Aviv, it's not clear what AP platform or what release you are running. And not clear what you have configured so it's hard to help you without that info.

  • 3.  RE: mesh point with WLAN on radio1

    Posted 09-07-2017 12:30
    Hello Alona,
    There is the root AP conf example:

    ! Configuration of AP7131 version
    version 2.5
    client-identity-group default
    load default-fingerprints
    permit tcp any any rule-precedence 10 rule-description "permit all TCP traffic"
    permit udp any eq 67 any eq dhcpc rule-precedence 11 rule-description "permit DHCP replies"
    deny udp any range 137 138 any range 137 138 rule-precedence 20 rule-description "deny windows netbios"
    deny ip any rule-precedence 21 rule-description "deny IP multicast"
    deny ip any host rule-precedence 22 rule-description "deny IP local broadcast"
    permit ip any any rule-precedence 100 rule-description "permit all IP traffic"
    mac access-list PERMIT-ARP-AND-IPv4
    permit any any type ip rule-precedence 10 rule-description "permit all IPv4 traffic"
    permit any any type arp rule-precedence 20 rule-description "permit all ARP traffic"
    ip snmp-access-list default
    permit any
    firewall-policy default
    no ip dos smurf
    no ip dos twinge
    no ip dos invalid-protocol
    no ip dos router-advt
    no ip dos router-solicit
    no ip dos option-route
    no ip dos ascend
    no ip dos chargen
    no ip dos fraggle
    no ip dos snork
    no ip dos ftp-bounce
    no ip dos tcp-intercept
    no ip dos broadcast-multicast-icmp
    no ip dos land
    no ip dos tcp-xmas-scan
    no ip dos tcp-null-scan
    no ip dos winnuke
    no ip dos tcp-fin-scan
    no ip dos udp-short-hdr
    no ip dos tcp-post-syn
    no ip dos tcphdrfrag
    no ip dos ip-ttl-zero
    no ip dos ipspoof
    no ip dos tcp-bad-sequence
    no ip dos tcp-sequence-past-window
    no ip-mac conflict
    no ip-mac routing conflict
    no stateful-packet-inspection-l2
    mint-policy global-default
    meshpoint-qos-policy default
    wlan-qos-policy default
    qos trust dscp
    qos trust wmm
    radio-qos-policy default
    wlan TEST
    ssid TEST
    vlan 1
    bridging-mode local
    encryption-type tkip-ccmp
    authentication-type none
    no broadcast-ssid
    no answer-broadcast-probes
    wpa-wpa2 psk 0 XXXXXXXXXX
    use ip-access-list out BROADCAST-MULTICAST-CONTROL
    use mac-access-list out PERMIT-ARP-AND-IPv4
    shutdown on-primary-port-link-loss
    meshpoint mesh1
    meshid mesh1
    beacon-format mesh-point
    control-vlan 1
    allowed-vlans 1
    security-mode psk
    wpa2 psk 0 XXXXXXXXXX
    management-policy default
    no http server
    https server
    user admin password 1 82728d2cd05b08c2855b163cb0484fed7237a89c0691557d43b5a6c77e68b4fd role superuser access all
    no snmp-server manager v3
    snmp-server community 0 private rw
    snmp-server community 0 public ro
    snmp-server user snmptrap v3 encrypted des auth md5 0 admin123
    snmp-server user snmpmanager v3 encrypted des auth md5 0 admin123
    l2tpv3 policy default
    profile ap71xx default-ap71xx
    autoinstall configuration
    autoinstall firmware
    crypto ikev1 policy ikev1-default
    isakmp-proposal default encryption aes-256 group 2 hash sha
    crypto ikev2 policy ikev2-default
    isakmp-proposal default encryption aes-256 group 2 hash sha
    crypto ipsec transform-set default esp-aes-256 esp-sha-hmac
    crypto ikev1 remote-vpn
    crypto ikev2 remote-vpn
    crypto auto-ipsec-secure
    crypto remote-vpn-client
    interface radio1
    interface radio2
    interface radio3
    interface ge1
    interface ge2
    interface vlan1
    ip address dhcp
    ip address zeroconf secondary
    ip dhcp client request options all
    interface wwan1
    interface pppoe1
    use firewall-policy default
    use client-identity-group default
    logging on
    service pm sys-restart
    rf-domain default
    timezone Etc/GMT+2
    country-code il
    ap71xx XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX
    radio-count 2
    use profile default-ap71xx
    use rf-domain default
    hostname AP2-root
    no adoption-site
    ip default-gateway 172.XX.XX.254
    interface radio1
    wlan TEST bss 1 primary
    meshpoint mesh1 bss 2
    interface radio2
    interface vlan1
    ip address 172.XX.XX.202/24
    ip address zeroconf secondary
    no logging console
    meshpoint-device mesh1
    monitor primary-port-link action no-root
    service meshpoint loop-prevention-port ge1

    [/code]On the other side is the non root AP.
    Can you point me what may improve the stability of the mint links?



  • 4.  RE: mesh point with WLAN on radio1

    Posted 10-02-2017 04:09

    Any suggestions?


  • 5.  RE: mesh point with WLAN on radio1

    Posted 10-02-2017 21:33
    Add following under radio 1:
    no dynamic-chain-selection
    rate-selection opportunistic
    non-unicast tx-rate lowest-basic

    You need to do this for both root and non-root. I assume this is 7131n . What antenna are you using? What gain? Distance between the APs? Why not 7161? AP 7131 went out of engineering support at this point.


  • 6.  RE: mesh point with WLAN on radio1

    Posted 10-02-2017 21:33
    Hi Alona,
    We used AP7131int because we don't have AP7161 because of regulation problems (IL)

    Thank you for your support.


  • 7.  RE: mesh point with WLAN on radio1

    Posted 10-03-2017 11:21
    Hi Aviv,

    Correction, I did not mean CRM but primary-port-link. You may want to check and see if there have been any issues with interface going up and down causing a conversion.

    Thank you,


  • 8.  RE: mesh point with WLAN on radio1

    Posted 10-03-2017 11:21
    Hi Daniel,
    I talking about something global and not a specific issue, but thank you.



  • 9.  RE: mesh point with WLAN on radio1

    Posted 10-03-2017 11:19
    Hi Aviv,

    From what I see you have channel at default (smt). When a meshpoint is mapped to a radio with smt set, which is the default, then mesh auto channel scan is enabled (smart-rf is not used when a meshpoint is mapped to a radio). By default, mesh auto channel will re-evaluate channel conditions every 30 minutes (channel hold time which is configured under meshpoint-device) e.g.
    acs channel-hold-time 2.4GHz

    Set this value to zero (0) to prevent the periodic re-evaluation.

    When mesh auto channel is used, the channel list that is used is actually configured under the rf-domain. If nothing is defined then all channels will be scanned. Perhaps this is what you are seeing.

    Also note, that you are using the default path method uniform which means path selection is metric based. Signal level is only one of many components that determine a path or path change. What do the metrics look like. Try these useful commands:

    show wireless meshpoint neighbor statistics rf
    show wireless meshpoint neighbor detail
    show wireless meshpoint path detail
    more system:/proc/dataplane/wireless/radio/radio1-proximity

    To be sure you can enable debugging to see what the meshpoint is doing. With logging enabled, go to the cli and type "debug wireless meshpoint level debug". Wait for a change to occur and send me a tech dump.

    Also, you do have CRM configured. I would also check the logs to see if there have been any CRM events.

    Thank you,