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Access Point Radio Faults on SNMP

  • 1.  Access Point Radio Faults on SNMP

    Posted 06-07-2017 15:37
    I have a user who needs to see if there are any faults on the access point radios over SNMPv3. I have looked through the MIB OIDs, but I cannot find any sort of fault status provided for the radios of the access point. The only thing I can find is the following: - wingStatsDevWlApInfoFaultDetected - wingStatsDevWlRadioState

    These are simple ON/OFF or 1/2 status values. They are not going to specify any short of fault on the radio. Is there another OID that does state any sort of radio fault code?

    This was done on an AP7532, running WING 5.8.3 firmware.

  • 2.  RE: Access Point Radio Faults on SNMP

    Posted 06-07-2017 15:56
    If this is a Controller or a Virtual Controller, only the controllers should be queried. If these are standalone AP, then yes you should query the individual AP.

    There are no hardware specific SNMP traps - such as a short, there are SNMP traps for Radio Down or AP un-adopted

  • 3.  RE: Access Point Radio Faults on SNMP

    Posted 06-08-2017 05:45
    Hello Mark,

    for detailed monitoring or log collection I would recommend to use either SysLog or controller polling.
    MIB does not include any detailed fault reporting indeed.
    However, turning on logging on your WiNG deployment will give you quite wider overview.