ExtremeWireless (WiNG)

  • 1.  Boot startup status data

    Posted 06-15-2017 13:12
    I am trying to access the boot up status data that is shown on the serial port when you restart the access point. I am wondering if this data is captured somewhere and how to access it.
    I can see this data on the serial port, but I don't know how to make it available to my system, other than capturing it off of the serial port.

    After an AP restart, I see the U-Boot data.
    See below.

    This is on an AP7532, and WING 5.8.3 firmware.

  • 2.  RE: Boot startup status data

    Posted 06-15-2017 13:16
    You can get some of it with this CLI command:

    more flash:/log/startup.log [/code]

  • 3.  RE: Boot startup status data

    Posted 06-19-2017 08:24
    Hi Mark,

    what you see monitoring boot sequence via Console connection is more or less boot-loader (U-Boot) output which is out of user accessible memory.

    Once WiNG loads you are limited to basic user partitions /flash, /system and /nvram
    Use below command to take a deeper look
    dir /recursive all-filesystems[/code]WiNG does not allow user to go deeper and see core and boot loader related files.