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nsight vs e-guest

  • 1.  nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-05-2018 05:24
    Hi everyoneI have 3 doubts in which I needed you to help me

    -I have a vx9000 installed with Nsight. Could I export the Nsight database to be treated by third-party software? Would it be exported from here?

    -And on the other hand, I'm looking to replace Nsight with ExtremeGuest and I needed to know what captures one and the other. To know what I lose if I remove Nsight and install E-Guest. E-Guest I have not installed yet. Is there any comparison between these two platforms? Or some more explanatory document than the datasheet to see what each one specifically captures?

    - And finally in the Extreme Guest specifications box, the part that says "user records in the database". Does it refer to 2 million users or 2 million user records? If a record refers for example when a client connects, another record when this same client enters a web, another record when changing web, etc. Or simply the client connects and whatever he does for E-guest is a single record.

    E-guest also register unconnected customers, right?


  • 2.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-06-2018 18:51
    Jose, am checking a couple of things and will get back.



  • 3.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-07-2018 00:13

    Following is guidance to your last two points.

    There is no comparison table as the two products N-Sight and ExtremeGuest are not comparable products. N-Sight is a visualizing and network statistics and events product for wireless where as ExtremeGuest allows you to manage guest access. Someone already posted a link for you on past question you had for docs - here is the link again: Is there any documentation available for E-GUEST (ExtremeGuest)?

    Regarding the last point, the number of records in that table you are referring to is Unique MAC addresses and not record of user visits. Also, ExtremeGuest does not track user website visits so pages visited do not consume any records. ExtremeGuest focuses on providing network access to guests with their devices. Take a look at the material in the link above.



  • 4.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-07-2018 16:46
    Thank you shmulik for clarifying it and getting me out of my mistake.

    I had heard that the E-guest registered the web visits of the clients. I have read the user manual and effectively E-Guest is not designed for that. Do you know any platform that does this?

    Nsight comes to show a record of the most visited websites so I was interested in being able to manage the database with another application because I understand that if it is able to show the top of web visited by the client, it must have registered in its tables the web accesses of each client.

    Thanks and regards.

  • 5.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-07-2018 19:00
    I will let the N-Sight experts respond here.



  • 6.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-27-2018 15:12

    Hi, Shmulik.

    I have already installed ExtremeGuest, I have enabled the database, enabled ExtremeGuest server and introduced the licenses.
    On the other side I have a VX9000 with a Wi-Fi with authentication through captive portal and radius inside the controller.

    I have followed the E-guest configuration manual and have reached the part where the vx9000 synchronization with ExtremeGuest is configured by using the following command within the vX9000 profile:

    # eguest-server 1 host "ExtremeGuest IP address"

    With this command I see that nothing happens in ExtremeGuest.

    Is it necessary to configure the following steps that appear in the manual?
    In the manual it states that I have to configure an AAA policy on the vx9000 pointing to ExtremeGuest, assign this AAA policy to a wlan and also create it in ExtremeGuest.

    I understand then that all the configuration that I have in the VX9000 is not going to be used and I have to configure it again in ExtremeGuest.

    I do not understand this part of the manual.

    I would appreciate your help.


  • 7.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-27-2018 21:06
    Jose, in this setup it is ExtremeGuest that is your RADIUS server so the authencation and radius accounting need to be sent to ExtremeGuest.

  • 8.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-28-2018 09:42

    For the part of radius redirection, I have done it on some occasions pointing to a radius mounted on a Windows server domain controller using the following AAA policy

    On the VX9000 I can create this policy by pointing to the ip of the ExtremeGuest and configuring a key. But in ExtremeGuest, at the web interface level I do not see where to create the radius. I only have three possible configurations within the AAA section (Autorization, Group and Network). Also within Autorization it indicates that I do not have any WLAN or SSID and it does not let me create it either. In the Wlan SSID drop-down there is nothing.

    There is a section of networks in ExtremeGuest that according to the manual I understand that it is to create the networks of the different delegations where I have wifi? Ask to enter a password. What does this password refer to?


    On the other hand, when configuring in my VX9000 the redirection to the ExtremeGuest machine, I have not migrated the rf-domains tree that I understand would be here:

    I am not sure that I have migrated anything or the synchronization has not been done...

    Sorry for asking so much but I'm a little lost... Thanks.

  • 9.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-28-2018 15:41
    Jose, do you have access to the following documentation? a collection of How To guides for ExtremeGuest.

    Take a look: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/Is-there-any-documentation-available-for-E-GU...


  • 10.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 09-28-2018 16:01

    yes. I am following "ExtremeGuest Server Deployment Guide". But after entering the command # eguest-server 1 host "ExtremeGuest IP address" on my VX9000 nothing is synchronized with the ExtremeGuest machine. The Management Tree is not synchronized, there is no synchronized wlans or ssid from the vx9000 to extremeguest ... There I am stuck.

  • 11.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 10-01-2018 04:40

    could you share your running config from the VX controller, please (just remove any sensitive info like passwords/secrets and such)?
    Can it even reach your EGuest server? The tree sync is happening over HTTPS (VX --> EGuest). Also once you initiate the sync, you should re-login to EGuest to reflect the changes. Which version are you running on both VX and EGuest?


  • 12.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 10-01-2018 04:40

    Hi Slava

    The vx9000 wireless controller can reach the ExtremeGuest and vice versa. Both are in the same network.

    Both have version

    I attach the configurations of the two machines in dropbox:





    I deleted part of the configuration since I had more than 200 rf-domains and about 1000 APs. I have left 3 of each.

    Thanks in advance

  • 13.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 10-01-2018 04:40
    Hi Jose,

    I don't see any specific config issue related to the tree sync (I do see other config issues related to Captive Portal and WLAN config though that will need to be fixed later if you want to integrate fully)

    is there any specific reason why are you using Is it possible to go to the or at least releases?

    If you still want to pursue this on your current build, then see what below will show on your VX controller:

    #debug cfgd eguest
    #logging monitor debug

    then go to VX profile, remove "eguest-server 1

  • 14.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 10-01-2018 19:09
    Indeed Jose we recommend to get on ExtremeGuest 5.9.2.x and WiNG 5.9.2.x these are compatible releases.


  • 15.  RE: nsight vs e-guest

    Posted 10-01-2018 20:55
    The reason why I do not update this system is because many offices have slow connections and the update is constantly crashed.

    But if this problem can come from the firmware version I will have no choice that to update.

    I have attached to dropbox some debug eguest entries. In one of them there is a communication error with Eguest server, but eguest server is accessible by https ok...