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  • 1.  WiNG unstable on AP 6521 access point

    Posted 11-20-2017 18:44

    I am running WiNG on two AP 6521's which are providing access to a corporate network (VLAN 1) as well as a guest captive portal network (VLAN 3).

    One of the AP 6521's is acting as a virtual controller two which the second AP 6521 is adopted.

    I am finding that this setup functions well for about four to five days at which point the virtual controller's web interface becomes unresponsive and users start complaining about poor wireless connectivity.

    Rebooting the system fixes things for another four to five days before the problem inevitably returns.

    I came across the following article which described a similar set of problems:

    I followed the advice given and disabled SNMP service. Even after disabling SNMP the problem came back. I went one step further and disabled SSH. Even after turning off SSH the system became unresponsive after four to five days.

    My guess is that the system is running out of memory, but I'm not sure how to confirm this.

    My questions:

    1. What is causing the problem?

    2. Is WiNG supported on the AP 6521 access point?

    3. If not, what is the highest supported WiNG version for the AP 6521?

    I've been struggling with this issue for a while now and I have run out of ideas.

  • 2.  RE: WiNG unstable on AP 6521 access point

    Posted 11-20-2017 18:51
    Hi David,
    had the same problems in the past with AP6521, AP6521 has too less memory to act as a virtual controller with captive portal,if you look in the logs, you will find a problem of 90% of memory use.
    Until WiNG 5.5/5.6, it worked better, but still no big deal. Best to replace to AP7522 or better .

  • 3.  RE: WiNG unstable on AP 6521 access point

    Posted 11-20-2017 18:51
    Hi Ignace,

    Based on your advice I'm now looking at replacing the AP6521's with two AP7522's. I want to be confident that this hardware upgrade will solve my problem.

    The AP7522 makes no mention of it's processing power or memory capacity. Do you have firsthand experience with the AP7522 iin the configuration I described (i.e., operating as a virtual controller as well as serving a captive portal)?

  • 4.  RE: WiNG unstable on AP 6521 access point

    Posted 11-20-2017 19:31
    Hi Ignace,

    Thanks for sharing your own experience. It sounds like upgrading to newer hardware is the way forward. You mentioned the AP7522 as being a model to consider. There seems to be two similar models: the AP7522 and the AP7522E. The latter is apparently an 'Express' model but it's not clear what the difference is between these two models. Can you shed any light?

  • 5.  RE: WiNG unstable on AP 6521 access point

    Posted 11-20-2017 19:31

    AP7522E has the same hardware but limited software in regards to some enterprise services,also it has no CLI if I remember correctly. Have in mind that a Standard controller (eg VX9000) can not adopt Express APs you will need to have VX9000E. Also the virtual controller only works among the same models. That means an AP7522 can not adopt an AP6521.

    Hope this helps.