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  • 1.  RF-Domain

    Posted 02-23-2018 08:26
    I'm about to deploy a new VX9000 cluster and have read in the best practices that in a centralized/NOC deployment mode it's best to create a separate RF-domain for the controllers. In our case we will have each instance (standby/active) in different subnets so would we add both to the same RF-Domain? I don't think it's an issue as they would build the cluster up on layer 3 mint links?

  • 2.  RE: RF-Domain

    Posted 02-23-2018 08:37
    Thanks Ondrej

  • 3.  RE: RF-Domain

    Posted 02-23-2018 08:32
    Hi Bruno,

    IP links in different subnets are not a problem, but both devices shall stay in same RF-Domain.
    Either keep both in "default" or move them to new one just for the cluster.

    To maintain hierarchical structure, there must NOT be any AP in the RF-Domain where cluster resides.


  • 4.  RE: RF-Domain

    Posted 02-23-2018 08:32

    Is there any information as to WHY there must not be any AP in the RF-Domain where the cluster resides? All the docs, training, etc. say not to do it, but the understanding of a concept is reinforced when the underlying cause/effects are explained.