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  • 1.  AP7532 strange error in log

    Posted 08-17-2017 13:08
    Client complaining about wireless connectivity issues on one of their AP7532s.

    A review of the log shows many of these error messages over a period of time:
    Aug 16 17:28:45 2017: %KERN-3-ERR: 0| vdefrag.c:1215 Warning: free packet level critical, aggressively flushing vdefrag queue.

    Any ideas what could be causing this and would it impact client performance?

  • 2.  RE: AP7532 strange error in log

    Posted 08-17-2017 13:29
    Hello Andrew,

    Will try to look into the meaning/cause/impact of the error.

    Have you got the best practices firewall installed? WiNG best practices firewall policy
    Have you tried resetting the AP?



  • 3.  RE: AP7532 strange error in log

    Posted 08-17-2017 13:29
    There are 40+ APs deployed in the facility (primarily AP650, some AP622), adopted by VX9000. WiNG
    In this particular room the AP650 was replaced with an AP7532 in order to see if the source of the issue was the AP (and client is going to replace 650s with 7532s over time anyway).

    Users are complaining of being disconnected from wireless (network disappears), despite being right under the AP.
    The AP did not reboot, did not loose connectivity, and did not un-adopt at any point.
    It is happening only in a specific area (room), hence the replacement of the AP.

    As I was writing this, I noticed the %RADIO-4-RADAR_DETECTED detected in the log, so it appears as if this particular AP is the only one providing signal in this area and it got knocked off channel because of a radar signal.
    But I would think that the clients would have roamed onto 2.4GHz channel at this point, and not completely disconnected.

    Note to all: use only non-DFS channels if there is a single AP providing coverage, or add a second AP on a different channel.

  • 4.  RE: AP7532 strange error in log

    Posted 08-17-2017 14:08
    Hello Andrew,
    Collect the tech-supports (AP and wireless controller, if any) and get a GTAC Support generated in order that we can assist on the wireless client connectivity issues. I have not seen the event posted and will need to run it by ECRT/Engineering, once we have a support case to work with,

    Chris Frazee

  • 5.  RE: AP7532 strange error in log

    Posted 08-17-2017 14:46
    Andrew as always make sure that all the config follows the WiNG 5.x Best Practices and Recommendations.