Download Embedded Video via SSH + wget

  • 1.  Download Embedded Video via SSH + wget

    Posted 05-26-2019 11:56
    Hi folks. Thanks in advance for the help. I'm very new to scripting and automation. Definitely more of a hobbyist than a real developer.

    I have a Raspberry Pi set up as a download station behind a VPN connected to a NAS for storage. This is a great setup for P2P downloading, but isn't helpful for HTTP downloads.

    I'd like a setup to download embedded videos by pulling the embedded content URL (somehow!) and then downloading that mp4 via wget on the Raspberry Pi. There are some great browser plugins like which works to download basically anything. Ideally, I'd love a way to get something running within iOS's Siri Shortcuts to quickly send a video page to the script and deposit the downloaded video file on my NAS, using the RPi as the CPU doing the actual download.

    Any ideas here?