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  • 1.  Wireless CTP tunnel

    Posted 02-12-2014 15:50
    We have Enterasys APs (3705i, 3710i & 3710e) attached to a C25 controller. They have a static IP and everything seemed to work fine but when I look at the Active Wireless Report, I can see that the tunnel duration on some AP's is lost. At first I thought they were resetting but they aren't. Out topologies are B@AP and the client is not loosing any service but that behavior is not ok. The firmware we are running is

  • 2.  RE: Wireless CTP tunnel

    Posted 02-12-2014 16:22
    Let's get more details...
    - is the EWC and the APs in the same VLAN/subnet
    - is the problem new after upgrading to this release or is that a new installation
    - how often does it happen
    - are all APs affected at the same time

    In general I'd turn on a port mirror of the EWC port and check the trace file.
    If you filter on "wassp.type == 16" you should see a WASSP poll from the AP to the EWC and then the answer in the return direction.

    But it depends, I had the same issue and checked the logs for one AP with the most reboot (my SSID was routed so the AP has done an reboot) and turned on a port mirror on the AP port do reduce the trace data size.
    I've troubleshooted for weeks, tried everything, at the end I've replaced my C4110 and the problem was gone..... so sometimes it's try & error.

  • 3.  RE: Wireless CTP tunnel

    Posted 02-12-2014 17:06
    The wireless Controller and APs are on the same vlan (Vlan 6) and the controller gave DHCP to the APs (it is disabled at this time because we fixed the IP's to the AP's) It's a new installation It happens every minute or two (random AP's) Not all of them are affected at the same time (the AP's with most clients attached to them usually loose the tunnel to the EWC) I'll collect the mirror traffic and send it to the GTAC. I've already opened a case. Thanks for the tip

  • 4.  RE: Wireless CTP tunnel

    Posted 02-12-2014 17:14
    Hello, I have the same issue with two customers, the AP's are on the same subnet than the WC, I thought the problem is not new, the problem is presented in a daily basis, not all the AP's present the same problem but many of them presents it. We have the same new version than Victor.

  • 5.  RE: Wireless CTP tunnel

    Posted 02-12-2014 17:26
    I have to say my customers has C20, 4110 and C25 controllers, I though this is not a hardware problem because of the different hardware types and the years that they were created, the AP's IP's are fixed too then they don't depends of a DHCP, I though the wireless problems are present since a long time ago, sometimes impacts more than other times.

  • 6.  RE: Wireless CTP tunnel

    Posted 02-12-2014 19:18

    One thing to check that we see come up from time to time that displays this type of behaviour would be speed and duplex settings. If you are plug the access point into a port that's 10/100 you should hard set both the switch port and the ap via the ap properties drop down box (default auto) to 100-full duplex. If the port is a triple speed 10/100/1000 the ap's auto mode should link up correctly at 1000-full.