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  • 1.  Network security: wired x wireless

    Posted 04-28-2017 09:35
    I am looking for theoretical and / or technical documentation about wireless network security compared to wired networks. We have a client who is programming to exchange part of the wired network for wireless but is facing some contrary policies, mainly in the matter of security.
    I have already looked for some articles on this subject but have not yet found exactly on this topic.

    Does anybody know any documents like this to indicate?

  • 2.  RE: Network security: wired x wireless

    Posted 05-01-2017 15:13
    Well, if you are using Extreme Policy, the same policy that can be applied to wired ports, can be applied to wireless clients. Also, the communication between the client and the AP can be secured and the communication between the AP and controller can be secured. The only difference is, someone can see an SSID being broadcast and can try some brute force attacks. There are ways of stopping those as well.