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  • 1.  100FX RX/TX Power-Level A2H254-16 & X440-G2-12t8fx-GE4

    Posted 03-15-2017 19:48
    Hello, I've problems during a migration from A2H254-16 to X440-G2-12t8fx-GE4 on fixed 100FX ports. Currently I've 100FX Microsens mini-switches connected via breakout-cable to mtrj 100FX Ports on A2. I used a mtrj/mtrj adaptor and mtrj/lc cable to connect to fixed 100FX LC Ports on X440-G2-12t8fx-GE4. But I've massive problems to got a link on X440G2 switch. On fast switching the cable from A2 to X440G2 sometimes I got a Link, but sometimes not and not on all microsense switches. On the A2 everthing works fine. I think the problem would be the mtrj/mtrj adaptor. But I don't know it. Next step is a OTDR-Check over complete cable. But for understanding the result I need min and max transmit and receive power level value of fixed 100FX ports of both switches. And this is my problem. I can't find informations for this values. I only find values for SFP transceivers, but that doesn't help... Can someone help me?

  • 2.  RE: 100FX RX/TX Power-Level A2H254-16 & X440-G2-12t8fx-GE4

    Posted 03-16-2017 12:14
    The fixed 100FX ports have the same spec's as the mtrj sfp as far as I know.
    Transmit min/max dBm = -9.5/-3
    Receive min/max dBm = -17/ 0