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  • 1.  aggregate two infrastructures (basic vlan question)

    Posted 04-18-2016 11:28
    We have two seperate infrastructures:

    - 'video system' ( subnet, four enerasys 0820G4-48, all in one Building);

    - 'pc farm' ( subnet, four extreme x350, locate on four different Buildings and seperate from video).

    Both "infrastructures" work on default VLAN (tag 1).

    I need move 5 pc from 'pc farm' to 'video system'. Only physical changes is needed, nothing in logical structure.

    If I made fibre connection between these two infrastructures, then all 5 pc can work, but broadcast are travel on both infrastructue. and of course it is not a good practice.

    Q: is possible to make configuration who keep seperate these two systems without changing vlan tag and these 5 pc physicaly be in "video system" Building.



  • 2.  RE: aggregate two infrastructures (basic vlan question)

    Posted 04-18-2016 12:20

    I would recommend to use two different VLANs (different tags) and use a trunk between the switches.

    But I think you can create your target topology in the following way:
    • create a new VLAN on the 08G20G4-48 switch
    • configure one untagged port in the new VLAN for the inter-switch connection
    • connect the two switches with the port on the X350 switch in VLAN Default (untagged) and the port on the 08G20G4-48 in the new VLAN (untagged)
    • configure untagged ports in the new VLAN for the PCs
    • connect the PCs to the untagged ports in the new VLAN
    That setup works, but it is always surprising to use different VLAN tags for the same VLAN on different switches. Thus the recommendation to create two new VLANs on both switches, use a tagged link between the two switches, and move the "Video" systems to one new VLAN, the "PCs" to the other new VLAN. That way you can disable use of VLAN 1 completely.