S-Series Hardware vs Software Licensing Requirements for Virtual Bonding

  • 1.  S-Series Hardware vs Software Licensing Requirements for Virtual Bonding

    Posted 01-27-2014 19:31
    Article ID: 16081

    S-Series, firmware and higher

    When does S-Series Virtual System Bonding (VSB, aka Chassis Bonding) require a separate license to be configured?

    Any of the following three conditions within a S-Series standalone or chassis-based system grants that system the right to participate as a Bonding peer device without the need for a separate VSB license:
    • The use of a S180 SSA (i.e. SSA-G8018-0652, SSA-T8028-0652) running firmware or higher.
    • The use of a S155 fabric (i.e. SG5201-0848-F6, SK5208-0808-F6, ST5206-0848-F6) blade.
    • The presence on a S140 or S180 blade of at least one hardware-based VSB port - whether used or not. Such ports are available on a S180 10Gb fabric (i.e. SK8009-1224-F8, SK8208-0808-F8) or S180 40Gb fabric (i.e. SL8013-1206-F8) blade. Such ports may also be added to a system by installation of a VSB expansion or option module: - Dedicated VSB four-port expansion module SOV3008-0404 may be installed in the VSB expansion slot of a S180 10Gb I/O (i.e. SK8008-1224, SK8009-1224) or S180 40Gb I/O (i.e. SL8013-1206) blade. - Dedicated VSB two-port option module SOV3208-0202 may be installed in the right-side option module slot of a S180 10Gb fabric (i.e. SK8208-0808-F8), S180 gigabit fabric (i.e. SG8201-0848-F8, ST8206-0848-F8), or S140 gigabit I/O (i.e. SG2201-0848, ST2206-0848) blade.
    A system that includes no such element requires the user to configure a license Activation Key derived from a S-EOS-VSB, S1-EOS-VSB, or SSA-EOS-VSB license entitlement (15003).

    The right of a system to bond - granted via hardware mix or license configuration - permits either hardware-based bonding mode using VSB ports or software based bonding mode using standard front panel ports. Only one mode is valid at a time on a virtually bonded dual system.

    For the S-Series Module Decoder, also see 12341.