NetSight - Ping-only Discovers Will not Run

  • 1.  NetSight - Ping-only Discovers Will not Run

    Posted 11-27-2013 21:26
    Article ID: 15090

    NetSight Console

    NetSight Console is started by a user without Admin rights

    When doing a discover from NetSight Console you will get either of the following messages:

    The ping functionality used by Discover needs to be run with administrator rights. Please relaunch the client as a user with administrator rights.

    JPing is not available. Check to see if you have execute permissions on file USER-HOME-DIRECTORY\Application Data\NetSight\System\.bin

    The client needs to be launched with administrator permissions to allow the ping feature to work because of the restrictions of windows raw sockets. The discover range is sourced from the client.

    You will either need to request the proper Admin rights from your system administrator or use the following workaround:

    1. Start the Java Control Panel.
    2. Select the General tab.
    3. Click on the View button under the Temporary Internet Files section. You will see the NetSight clients listed here.
    4. Right click on the NetSight Console client and select Install Shortcuts. This will place an icon on your desktop for the client.
    5. Right click on the shortcut icon and select Run as administrator.