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DFE with Red CPU LED when installed in 7C111 ('N1') Chassis

  • 1.  DFE with Red CPU LED when installed in 7C111 ('N1') Chassis

    Posted 11-22-2013 15:58
    Article ID: 5604

    Firmware 5.11.29 and lower

    Installed DFE blade into N1 chassis

    Won't boot
    Red CPU LED

    DFE modules require firmware version 5.12.02 or higher to work properly in a 7C111 chassis.

    When a DFE module with an earlier version of firmware is installed, the module will not boot, and will display a red CPU LED.

    Note: The 7C111, aka the "Matrix N1", is a one-slot DFE chassis with two integrated power supplies and six integrated fans. The only modular aspect is the single DFE blade supported.

    Upgrade to firmware 5.12.02 or higher.

    Since the module is not fully operational in the 7C111 chassis, this will require using the serial download (Zmodem) method or temporarily moving the module to a multi-slot support chassis to perform a TFTP/FTP download (5040).

    The Zmodem upgrade procedure is explained in the "Downloading via the Serial Port" section of the Matrix DFE Series Configuration Guide.

    Contact Enterasys Networks Technical Services for further assistance, as necessary.