Using NetSight to setup traps and informs on devices

  • 1.  Using NetSight to setup traps and informs on devices

    Posted 11-15-2013 22:08
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    NetSight Console

    Setup traps and inform messages using NetSight Console.

    These first 3 steps are required for snmpv1/v2c traps. SNMPv3 traps and Informs will require additional setup and will be outlined below.

    1. Right click on the device from the Device Tree and select Trap Receiver Configuration menu pick.

    2. In the upper portion of the screen (Trap Receiver Configuration) make sure the IP address is that of the NetSight server, Type is Trap and the Trap Credential is the one used by NetSight to model the device.

    3. Click the Apply to All Devices button. The bottom portion of the screen (Trap Receivers on Devices) should now show that # of receivers increased by 1 and that the new information is set.

    Repeat this procedure for each individual device. Note that this tool can also be run against multiple devices or groups of devices. Just select each device using