Generation of a Trap upon SecureStack Power Status change

  • 1.  Generation of a Trap upon SecureStack Power Status change

    Posted 12-03-2013 12:48
    Article ID: 7130

    SecureStack C2
    Firmware 3.02.32 and lower
    SecureStack B2
    Firmware 2.01.10 and lower
    SecureStack A2
    Firmware 1.01.20 and lower


    Power redundancy
    No SNMP trap is generated upon power status change

    With older firmware, the stack manager unit will not generate an SNMP trap to notify the administrator when the stack loses or gains back its redundant power supply (C2RPS-PSM/C2RPS-POE).

    For the C2, upgrade to firmware 3.03.23 or higher.
    For the B2, upgrade to firmware 3.00.14 or higher.
    For the A2, upgrade to firmware 1.01.46 or higher.

    As of C2 f/w 3.01.71:When C2RPS-POE is connected to a SecureStack device and power is
    discontinued or provided on the SecureStack C2, itself, or the backup
    power supply (C2RPS-POE), an enterprise mib trap will be generated
    detailing this event.[/code]
    As of C2 f/w 3.03.23, B2 f/w 3.00.14, and A2 f/w 1.01.46:When a SecureStack device suffers from a power system failure, the
    system will now send trap from the etsysPsePowerNotification MIB, which
    can be correctly decoded by NetSight Console.[/code]
    As of A2 firmware SecureStack A2 now supports notification of redundant power supply
    (RPS) status via traps and Syslog messages.[/code]
    Pre-upgrade workaround:
    Implement syslog messaging. As a redundant power supply status changes, the event will be duly logged for management review.

    Follow-up note:
    As of C2 f/w and B2 f/w support for the following OIDs to the CTRON-CHASSIS-MIB ctChas

    * ctChasFNB.0 denotes the presence or absence of the FNB.
    * ctChasAlarmEna.0 allows an audible alarm to be either enabled or
    disabled. Setting this object to disable(1) will prevent an audible
    alarm from being heard and will also stop the sound from a current
    audible alarm. Setting this object to enable(2) will allow an audible
    alarm to be heard and will also enable the sound from a current audible
    alarm, if it has previously been disabled.
    * chassisAlarmState.0 denotes the current condition of the power supply
    fault detection circuit. The object value will read
    chassisNoFaultCondition(1) when the chassis is operating with no power
    faults detected and will read chassisFaultCondition(2) when the chassis
    is in a power fault condition.[/code]