Overview of the S-Series S1 Chassis

  • 1.  Overview of the S-Series S1 Chassis

    Posted 11-19-2013 16:23
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    The S1-CHASSIS (also known as the "S1") is a single-slot chassis that supports one S-Series fabric module of any type (S130, S150, or S155), so depending upon the module can offer up to 72 ports of Gigabit Ethernet or 16 ports of 10-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. It also supports a USB port to upgrade the installed fabric module (12740) and to upload and download files from the system (12452), and a COM port for serial management (12453).

    The more commonly referenced S1 part numbers are:
    S1-CHASSIS Chassis and fan tray. (1-2 Power supplies and 1 Fabric module ordered separately)
    SSA-AC-PS-1000W AC and PoE power supply, 15A, 110-240VAC input (1000/1200W)
    S1-FAN Spare fan tray
    S1-EOS-VSB Virtual Switch Bonding license[/code]
    Any fabric module used in the S1-CHASSIS requires firmware or higher in order to fully boot up and operate, and requires firmware or higher in order to support Virtual Switch Bonding (VSB).

    The following information is paraphrased from release notes:
    Maximum User Capacity: 2,048 (2K) (as with S4/S6/S8 with one fabric module only)
    Link Aggregation (LAG): 127 LAGs per chassis with up to 64 ports per LAG (as with S4/S6/S8)
    Advanced Routing License: As with S4/S6/S8

    The S1-Chassis requires the SSA-AC-PS-1000W power supplies. (The SSA-AC-PS-625W must
    not be used in the S1-Chassis. The Fabrics/Option Modules and optics along with the
    Fans can exceed the power available in the 625W supply during the startup conditions
    and when the fans operate at full speed.)

    HW Feature Enhancements in
    Virtual Switch Bonding (VSB) is supported in the S1-Chassis. The S1-Chassis may be
    bonded to other S1-Chassis only. When chassis are configured using S130 or S150 I/O
    Fabrics the VSB feature requires a S1-EOS-VSB license be present in each chassis
    participating in the bond. Chassis populated with S155 I/O Fabrics only do not
    require the license to use the VSB feature.[/code]
    For more detail, please refer directly to Firmware release notes, and Documentation/manuals.