Unique Aspects of SecureStack A2 Stacking

  • 1.  Unique Aspects of SecureStack A2 Stacking

    Posted 11-21-2013 14:04
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    SecureStack A2

    'set switch stack-port'

    The SecureStack A2, similar to the SecureStack C2 and B2 products, may be stacked up to eight units high for purposes of unified management, in a closed-loop pattern for stack cable redundancy or daisy-chained with the "closing" stack cable omitted (5668).

    The functional and management aspects of stacking are similar on all of the SecureStack products as well, with all management tasks handled via the elected Management unit.

    A notable difference is that, though C2 and B2 units have two rear-mounted dedicated stacking connectors and use special stacking cables, each A2 has two front-mounted 1000Base-T RJ45 ports, labeled '25/Up' & '26/Down' on the A2H124-24(P) and '49/Up' & '50/Down' on the A2H124-48(P), which may be used for either 1000Mb Stacking or 10/100/1000Mb Network connectivity using standard Cat5 or higher grade 8-conductor RJ45 straight-through cables (not included as part of a switch purchase). In either mode, these ethernet cables may be up to 100 meters in length (4875), making it possible to establish a distributed A2 stack with widely separated member units.

    By default, these two RJ45 ports function as Stack ports. For standard 10/100/1000Base-T functionality, issue the cli command 'set switch stack-port ethernet'.
    A2(su)->set switch stack-port ethernet
    This command will reset the entire system.
    Do you want to continue (y/n) [n]?y[/code]
    To return to the default Stacking function, issue the command 'set switch stack-port stack'.

    See 5463 for serial console connection instructions.
    For a broader perspective of all these concepts, please refer to the SecureStack A2 Installation and Configuration Guides relevant to your A2 model and firmware version.

    See also: 5834.