800-Series 08H Model Firmware will not Upgrade to v1.02.01.0011

  • 1.  800-Series 08H Model Firmware will not Upgrade to v1.02.01.0011

    Posted 11-05-2013 16:23
    Article ID: 15082

    800-Series, firmware
    08H20G4-24, 08H20G4-24P, 08H20G4-48, 08H20G4-48P

    Attempting to upgrade 08Hxxxx-xx firmware to version

    The upgrade operation stalls.
    Firmware will not load.

    In the past there was a separate image for the 08G (GE) models and the 08H (FE) models. Enterasys is transitioning to a unified firmware image that may be loaded on both model types, and the image is the first of this type.

    However, 08H units require an intermediate step before the image may be installed. A unit's bootprom must first be upgraded by loading firmware version This firmware version is only used to upgrade the bootprom and should not be run in production.

    There will still be separate sections on the web page for 08G and 08H model firmware for the immediate future. The only difference between them is that the archive for the O8H will contain a special readme notation and both firmware images.

    This information is prominently displayed in the web-based v1.02.01.0011 08H firmware archive; located via
    800-Series --> Firmware tab --> " 08H Feature Release" hyperlink.

    Immediately viewable there is this readme notation:
      [code]Upgrading 08H 10/100 switches to is a TWO STEP process. The switch MUST be upgraded to Maintenance Release FIRST and then upgraded to Upgrading the FE models first to updates the boot image allowing the units to recognize the new unified image. Both firmware images and Release notes are included in the 10/100 Zip file.[/code]
    The " Release Notes" .pdf file contains these items:
      [code]Note:[/code] [code]Prior to firmware release 1.02.01 two versions of 800 Series firmware existed - one for the Fast Ethernet (08H) switches and one for the Gigabit Ethernet switches (08G). Fast Ethernet switches running images prior to 01.01.03 may not be directly upgraded to 1.02.01 (01.01.03 must be installed first).[/code] [code]Note:[/code] [code]Code version 01.01.03 is not intended to be used as an operational image. This release upgrades the bootprom of earlier images and should be used only once, as an interim step in upgrading Fast Ethernet (08H) platforms from image 1.01.02 (and earlier) to combined image (Fast Ethernet and Gigabit) 1.02.01 (or later).[/code]
    The " Firmware Release" .zip file contains three extra files:
      rn_8751.pdf [v1.01.03.0003 release notes];
    • 08H20G4_RUNTIME_V01.01.03.0003.had [v1.01.03.0003 firmware];
    • 08H20G4_V01.01.03.0003-MD5_Checksum.txt [v1.01.03.0003 checksum info].
    Using these instructions and materials to perform a two-stage upgrade - to, then - should result in a successful upgrade.