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  • 1.  Composing a new discussion interface problem

    Posted 09-27-2014 12:02

    First of all using "pre" makes me frustrated. Usually you would use it to copy/paste code or configuration snippets into a discussion. However it doesn't work as expected. It creates a new "box" for every line. Try it out!

    However, trying it out more than once will prove difficult because when you go to the "preview" tab and then return to the "compose" tab will totally garble the text you just wrote with HTML artifacts....

    (It's always frustrating when even the most basic things don't work.)


  • 2.  RE: Composing a new discussion interface problem

    Posted 09-29-2014 18:38
    I hear you, and sympathize.

    Using "<
    >" and "<
    >" operators will give teletype font but will result in an enclosing box, in which (contrary to native use of those operators) lengthy lines will wrap to the next line.
    Using "<
    >" and "<
    >" operators will give teletype font and will not result in an enclosing box, but will unfortunately convert any html operators so that they are visible rather than acted upon, requiring many escape/re-entry sequences to get around.
    Using unordered and ordered lists can unexpectedly insert or remove white-space, and make it difficult to combine this effect with other effects.

    All of this is somewhat (!!) annoying to those who seek to finely craft their messages.
    Yes, crafting is still possible, but how best to exercise this Art would take quite a bit of time and effort to convey, so is outside the scope of this reply.
    I recommend letting go of micro-managing your messaging, and just settling for line breaks and paragraph breaks, with the odd bold / underline / italics (as I've mostly done here). It promotes a lower stress level.

    Thank you.