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individual snmptraps via syslog and upm

  • 1.  individual snmptraps via syslog and upm

    Posted 10-11-2018 05:02
    hello again,

    i'm trying to generate snmp traps via syslog messages with an upm profile.
    in this example the switch should send a trap when an authentication fails.

    create upm profile authfail

    in the profile:
    create snmp trap severity notice event authFAIL "INFO:fehlerhafter Anmeldeversuch"

    create log filter authfail-filter
    configure log filter authfailfilter add event "AAA.authFail"

    create log target upm "authfail"
    configure log target upm "authfail" filter "authfailfilter"
    enable log target upm "authfail"

    but i get only this error logs:

    10/11/2018 06:59:54.73 [i] Msg from Master : Did password authentication for user citadmin (
    10/11/2018 06:59:54.73 [i] Login passed for user citadmin through ssh (
    10/10/2018 11:17:51.34 [i] Administrative account (citadmin) logout from ssh (
    10/10/2018 10:46:52.97