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Enterasys/Cabletron techtips archive

  • 1.  Enterasys/Cabletron techtips archive

    Posted 02-08-2017 04:25
    The GTAC Knowledgebase (Enterasys/Cabletron) used to have a bunch of techtips. Is there an archive of those. For example, if one wanted tk0550-9, tk0553-9 or tk0722-9 where would you find those? Are they still available?

  • 2.  RE: Enterasys/Cabletron techtips archive

    Posted 02-08-2017 17:42
    Our legacy Tech Tips have had various successive homes over the years. Currently, over 500 legacy KB articles plus other legacy content are available here on the Hub, having been manually ported here due to their relevance to products still current as of three years ago when the Hub was being deployed. The best means of finding them are to search the Hub for double-quoted text
    "Article ID:"
    (near-100% of these), or browse the Hub's FAQs section (about 80% of these, with some dilution ongoing).

    Specific articles may be located by their legacy double-quoted title or subject matter, or by their current ID. For example, legacy tk0173-9 has a title of
    "Console Port Cables/Adapters/Kits/Pinouts"
    and is now found at "" with a current ID of 3377. A certain amount of divestiture from legacy qualities means that the legacy document ID is in general not retained on the Hub. But all of the original content of such articles has been preserved, and all of their hyperlinking has been retained wherever such linking leads to peer articles also preserved on the Hub.

    Your examples...
    tk0550-9: Explanation of Various Memories on the SSR's Control Module

    tk0553-9: Recovering Corrupted int-flash (boot flash) on the SSR8600/8000/2X00

    tk0722-9: Various X-Pedition (SSR) Software Upgrade Procedures

    ... are relevant to the X-Pedition/SSR router, which went out of support prior to that point. They are thus not preserved in a directly customer-accessible form. However, they are still available to GTAC in a separate archive, so may as desired be requested by opening a GTAC Support Case if not found to be available on the Hub. The downside is that such articles, being text-only or web-based standalone, will likely have broken links. But the broken links will refer to the new article ID, making those linked articles also trackable by similar means.

    A final but important point is that, though this collection of Hub articles is essentially frozen in time (closed to comments, high-profile updates only), there are any number of active GTAC Knowledge articles that potentially quote from, hyperlink to, or otherwise owe their content to such legacy articles. To accommodate ever-evolving knowledge, by design there is and will continue to be functional crossover between these platforms.

    With that said, I will reach out to you now as part of a GTAC Case I have created on your behalf, in order to resolve your current task.

  • 3.  RE: Enterasys/Cabletron techtips archive

    Posted 05-20-2017 00:56
    Duane did Paul's response Help?