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New power supply units available for use with 5520, X465 & VSP 4900 Series switches!

  • 1.  New power supply units available for use with 5520, X465 & VSP 4900 Series switches!

    Posted 05-28-2021 17:20

    This is an Open Books announcement for new Power Supply Unit (PSU) SKUs applicable for use with 5520, X465 & VSP 4900 series switches. The existing power supply units offered with these switches will continue to be supported.

    The new PSUs will initially be generally available in US and EMEA region followed by other countries later. Please refer to the “Schedule” section below for target availability dates in various regions.
    The following table shows the new power supply SKUs being introduced. The table also shows the existing supported power supplies on the applicable switches – 5520, X465 and VSP 4900.


    Important Notes
    1. The following are the minimum software versions that are required on the switch, for use with the new PSUs :

    • EXOS version 31.3.1, EXOS version 30.7.2 for X465 only
    • VOSS version 8.3

    2. Previous software versions are not supported with the new PSUs. You must upgrade to the listed minimum software version or later to use the new PSUs with the switch.

    3. New and Existing power supply SKUs cannot be used simultaneously on the switch in primary/secondary configuration.

    4. The following table lists supported PSU combinations with the new PSUs when dual redundant PSUs are used on the switch.

    5. Please refer to the switch datasheet for appropriate PSUs for the switch model.

    Ordering Information 


    The current schedule is below:

    • Open Books : June 1st 2021
    • Price List Update : June 1st 2021
    • Target GA (US & EMEA) : July 1st 2021
    • Target GA (Specified countries) : Dec 1st 2021
      • Mexico, Russia, Brazil, China, Korea, South Africa, India

    Contact Information
    For questions regarding Services for the 5420 series described in this announcement please contact:

    Terms and Conditions:

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    • Valid and existing contractual discounts, if any, will continue to apply where applicable.
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