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Extreme Campus Controller 5.26.02

  • 1.  Extreme Campus Controller 5.26.02

    Posted 03-31-2021 16:46

    This revision is available as upgrade for the full list of Extreme Campus Controller appliance form factors {Physical/HW Appliances: E1120, E2120, E2122,  E3120;   Virtual Appliances: VE6120/H, VE6125}

    Enhancements with 5.26.02 include:

    • Add support for adoption of AP302W, the new  2x2 802.11ax based Wallplate Universal AP. 
    • Introducing the Extreme Campus Controller E2122
      • FCS: Mid April 2021
        • Available for Extreme Campus Controller installations running V5.26.02 or newer.
    • Add support for creating reports based on custom-defined user groups.
    • Improve workflow for configuring physical link aggregation (LAG).
    • Improve control over "Locate" LED pattern.
    • Introduce new notification event conveying significant changes in the X/Y positioning of an associated device.
    • Improve utilization metrics widgets to provide customers with better insight as to actual average utilization and the usage contribution from each client.
    • Improve timestamp of tech-support files for easier sorting.
    • (Beta) Add widgets for monitoring of AP connectivity and network link metrics.


    Additional information

    All firmware files can be found on the Extreme Portal - on the following product page and/or specific appliance upgrade pages: