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Extreme Campus Controller (XCC) Now Available

  • 1.  Extreme Campus Controller (XCC) Now Available

    Posted 03-11-2021 16:36

    ~ New Features ~

    • Added support for adoption of Universal AP variants AP410C and AP460C
    • Added support for adoption of AP305C and AP305CX Universal AP type
    • Expanded capacity of wired ports on AP5xx/AP4xx and AP410C to 128 clients per port
    • Improved configuration of mesh network by exposing CMCX-ACS parameters and adding configuration of preferred neighbor and root
    • Improved mesh statistic page to show greater detail about mesh connection: (neighbor info, link quality)
    • Added support configuration of Mesh point operation for Universal AP models, including wireless and wired connectivity extension, for AP types AP410C, AP460C/S6/S12 and AP305C/X
    • Added support for configurable RSS threshold for client bridge AP to search for new root
    • Extend Central Web Authentication (CWA) capabilities to AP3900 installs, enabling support for redirecting wireless client to HTTP splash page after 802.1x authentication
    • New revision 1.1.01 of Extreme Campus Controller Scheduler add-on application available (this revision has been enhanced to support scheduling of customer report generation)
    • (BETA) Introduces new Reports facility allowing administrators to generate their own PDF custom reports based on system operational metrics
    • Enhanced dashboards to provide top-level and site-level mixed aggregate views for Multi-level time chart of users per network and utilization per network

    The release notes can be found here: :  https://documentation.extremenetworks.com/release_notes/Extreme_Campus_Controller/9036946-00 Extreme Campus Controller v05.26.01.0023_RelNotes.pdf


    All firmware files can be found on the Extreme Portal - on the following product page and/or specific appliance upgrade pages:


    Additional documentation: 

    XCC 05.26.01 User Guide

    XCC 05.26.01 Deployment Guide

    Scheduler for Extreme Campus Controller User Guide – v1.1.0