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FN-2021-462 - SLXOS 18r.2.00 SW removed from Extreme Portal - EOVM expired 12/2020

  • 1.  FN-2021-462 - SLXOS 18r.2.00 SW removed from Extreme Portal - EOVM expired 12/2020

    Posted 05-28-2021 19:44

    Notice Summary

    All SLXOS 18r.2.00x software images have been removed from the Extreme Portal.  SLXOS 18r.1.00x versions will continue to remain under support maintenance for any required patches for the SLX 9850 only. 



    Since the End of Version Maintenance (EOVM) expired for 18r.2.00x in December 2020, these images have now been removed from the Extreme Portal.



    SLX 9850 devices running 18r.2.00x will be expected to migrate to 18r.1.00x to receive future patches. Extreme Networks may provide Controlled Release 18r.2.00x images at our discretion. If you need access to 18r.2.00x firmware, please contact Extreme GTAC for download links (shared via a OneDrive link).

    List of 18r.2.00x features not found in 18r.1.00x:

    • 25G breakout support for SLX9850

    Software Features
    • BGP PIC (Prefix Independent Convergence)
    • BGP FlowSpec
    • BGP Large Community
    • IP Prefix list scale increase to 12K
    • OptiScale routing support for SLX9850
    • IP Broadcast ACL
    • Receive ACL Multiple rules
    • Receive ACL Rate Limiting
    • sFlow BGP AS-Path support
    • Flexible PBR
    • Transparent Loopback support
    • Logical Interface Descriptions for VE/Loopback interfaces
    • Option to Preserve/Clear SNMP Statistics
    • Microsoft Network Load Balancing Multicast ARP changes
    • Restrict Unknown Multicast Flooding
    • Third party VM package separation
    • vSLXOS support for ESXi Hypervisor with vSLX install software 2.1.0
    • BGP delayed route calculation
    • BGP set metric type internal
    • IPv4 global subnet broadcast ACL to block traffic to network address
    • IPv6 subnet anycast address destination packet drop feature



    Products Affected

    SLX 9540
    SLX 9640
    SLX 9850


    Software Affected

    All SLXOS 18r.2.00x images


    You can view the full Field Notice here: